Saturday, February 15, 2014

Licca - Spring Chic Collection

Introducing the Spring Chic Collection for your Liccas and Blythe Middies!

A - nautical theme
B - orange gingham

 B - orange gingham

I'm by no means a  professional seamstress.  However each dress is made with love and care!
Dresses are USD$12 + shipping.
Paypal only!

Thank you!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Japanese Quilting Magazines - Quilts Japan

Do you love making blocks?  How wonder it would be if your blocks can be sewn into other quilted items besides quilts!  Quilts Japan can show you how.  I probably am hearing comments like "I don't know how to read Japanese!", "What?  Japanese?"  Well! Don't let the language barrier deter you!

The magazines have many illustrations to guide you through the sewing process.  If you can sew block patterns and a simple bag, you'll have no problem with the patterns inside these magazines.

In the September 2009 issue of Quilts Japan, you'll find patterns on how to turn your Kaffe Fassett fabrics into beautiful bags and book covers.  In addition, there are patterns for tea cozies and place mats using your floral prints.

Have you an unfinished chenille fabric project on your shelf?  How about making a bag with chenille fabric with the July 2007 issue of Quilts Japan.

These are just a few ideas from these Japanese quilting magazines.

Each magazine is  USD$8/ each + shipping.

Happy Quilting!!

Japanese Quilting Magazines

It's spring cleaning time and I've cataloged some of my Japanese quilting magazines that can be of better use elsewhere.

My magazines are all like new.  Patterns are all included in each magazine.  Paypal only.  Please ask for shipping quotes.

1) Cotton Time January 2011 edition:
USD$6 + shipping 

2) Quilts Japan 
R:  September 2009 edition
L:  July 2007 edition
USD$8/each  + shipping

 3) Japanese Quilting 俱樂部
R:  July 2010 #78 edition
L:  January 2011 #81 edition
USD$8/each + shipping

4) Japanese Quilting 帳
October 2009 #29 edition
USD$11 + shipping

5) Japanese Quilting 教室
Top:  #84, #86
Bottom:  #95, #89
Far Right:  April 2010 Special Edition
USD$9/each+ shipping 

Quilting is Fun!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rooster Art Quilt

I recently attended an art quilt workshop taught by Mr. Dan Liu of Quiltportrait.  

1st  Day's WIP:

2nd Day's WIP:

Feeling accomplished !