Saturday, July 31, 2010

Personalized Book Cover

 This is the new book cover I made for my daughter.  She wanted to have a plain background fabric with her favorite cartoon characters appliqued on it.  These are characters from a Japanese cartoon called "One Piece"    This book cover took less than 30 minutes to make!!  My kind of project. 

Before I made the book cover for my daughter, I went through my collections and found these two covers I made a year ago.  The one in the middle is a wallet-sized business card holder .  I choosed panel fabric for this particular one.  The one at the bottom is also a business card holder.  For this one I needlepunched the heart design before I sew the fabric together.

It's really quite easy to make a personalized book cover.  All you need is the dimension of the book and  two strips of fabric.  Then you'll be on your way...!

Stay Tuned for Personalized Book Cover Tutorial coming up next week.

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