Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Labor of Love

I've been working on the finishing touches on the bag that I'm entering in the Purse Week hosted by Lemon Squeezy Home . 

Hand binding the bag opening.  Those little clips work wonders on holding fabric together. 

Psst...Janet!  Do you see my little blue and green bowtie pincushion on the upper right hand corner?

I wish I discovered this great little tool sooner!  My quilting teacher told us it was good for basting your quilts.  But I've found it works just as well on temporary fastening your bag straps in position.  Then you can sew on the straps without fearing them shifting during the process!  Though this little gadget is kind of expensive, it cut down my sewing time (just on the bag straps) by 50%.  I love it!!

Stay tuned for my next post on My Getaway Quilted Bag!

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